Seelensee are RichBitch & DJ RaceFace.
RichBitch has been a swiss Dance- and Techno-music producer and live performer for over 2 decades now, with several releases and Re-Mixes, producing all his tracks in his own digital studio.
Joined together as SEELENSEE with DJ RaceFace, a very skilled 505 Live-Performer, Hard-Trance and Acid DJ.
Allways planned to "move" something together, they finally made it and the result was a Live-Performance that looks for something similar on this planet...

Everything started on the PSYCHEDELIC OPEN-AIR at the Langenerlen park in Basel 31.7.1999.
First time together on the stage, the success was so big, that they decided to perform together also in the future.

Both artist's have their very own personal styles:

Where RaceFace is more melodic and straight, with his musical roots in Hard-Trance and Acid, RichBitch is the rhythmic goa groove-maker, and monotonic Acid brainfucker, allways keeping the beat up, leaving the public no chance for a rest.

Were as most of the worlds celebrated Techno Live-Performances like Juno Reactor, Der Dritte Raum a.o. use a huge equipment with tons of synthesizers, samplers, computers and mixers, Seelensee decided to show the rest of the world that one really can do miracles with much smaller and cheaper equipment!

When you hear it, you won't belive that all of their tracks are live performed on only two Roland MC-505 and one TB-303!!

You wonder why?

Because you don't need more to move the masses!

Check-it out and decide yourself!

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