About RichBitch Productions

RichBitch Productions - est. 1992 | Basel-City | Switzerland RichBitch Productions was established 1992 in Basel, Switzerland, in the time when Basel was the epicenter of the european techno-culture, with partypoeple dancing from thursday to sunday to hard and fast techno beats in some of the most legendary underground rave clubs ever, "Planet-E" and "Tower".

Its founder, RichBitch, is a techno and electronic dance music producer of the first hour. Always on the pulse of the times, a respectable repertoire of dance tracks was created in the 22 years of his musical creativity, covering a bandwidth of styles rarely encountered with other musical artists: Hardcore Breakbeats, Techno, Hard-Techno, Trance, Hard-Trance, Minimal-Techno, Progressive-Techno, Electro. Nearly everything is to find, except House Music, which never really was his thing. (The reason why it became pretty quiet around RichBitch during the House era...)

Thanks to the renaissance of Techno in the clubs, RichBitch's productivity vigorously increased again in the last years. And still today, the roots of the "Good old days" can be felt in the tracks. The hallmark of RichBitch is, and will surely remain, the groovy techno elements and the driving beats around 130 Bpm.